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Tripod Extension 100 mm
Features: Tripod extension raises the lens by 100mm Reduces the size of objects in the nad..
excl. VAT: 20.00€
Tripod Mount Thread Adapter 1/4 to 3/8 UNC: One Piece (1 Single)
Summary This thread adapter converts between 1/4" and 3/8" UNC threads. The manufacturer s..
excl. VAT: 2.00€
Click Screw for rotator, One Piece (1 Single)
Summary This is a 1 pack. (single) The M6 click screw works with the rotator for the new m..
excl. VAT: 3.00€
Lens Ring Only
Summary This is a placeholder page for the lens ring This page will be updated soon. Please ..
excl. VAT: 0.00€
Lock Screw for New Rotator
Summary Replacement M4 thumb screw for locking the new modular rotator. Quantity: one..
excl. VAT: 3.00€
QR Clamp (1) Single Part
QR clamp for new modular rotator design. Please note that this order is only for one (1) quanti..
excl. VAT: 31.00€
QR plate
QR plate for new modular lens ring design. Made in Germany. ..
excl. VAT: 11.00€
Rotator only
Rotator only, for new modular design. Please note that there are 12 different click stops: 3, 4..
excl. VAT: 76.00€
Screw for Lens Ring
Summary Replacement M4 thumb screw for upper lens ring. Quantity: one (1) Approximately ..
excl. VAT: 3.00€